"I was in quite a panic with my carbon monoxide alarm going off, Nicola was great with giving me the full idea of what was happening, getting authorisations from the agent and then sourcing an engineer, etc. I was very happy that an engineer was at the property within 2hrs, as was promised. The Engineer was great and very thorough, leaving me sure that there were no gas leaks, etc."   Tenant, Ascend Properties
"Hi sorry I tried to call after your voicemail but couldn't get through. But yes everything was dealt with amazingly and I actually can't thank you guys enough!"   Tenant, Red Key Properties
"Water had been leaking in my property and I went through the emergency number to speak with my agent. Candice was pleasant when I spoke to her on the phone calls and an engineer has been organised."   Tenant, Professional Properties
"I called in as there was loss of power to most of the sockets and some lights in the property, Nicola guided me through resetting the fuse board and restored the power supply, which pointed towards the dishwasher that tripped the electricity as we were using it when the power went out. I would not have had a clue what to do without Nicola. I was very, very happy indeed, Nicola was absolutely brilliant and very, very helpful!!"   Tenant, Chase Evans
"My boiler stopped working and I couldn't work out what to do, so I contacted my out of hours number. I was quite happy with how everything went, I was given lots of clear information about the engineer coming out and he was then on time, which was good. He explained everything that he had done and the boiler has been working since."   Tenant, Chase Evans 
"I was moving into my apartment and the key wouldn't work, so I was stuck outside with all my furniture! I called the emergency helpline and was really impressed with how quickly an engineer arrived. He called to confirm when he would be there and sure enough, he arrived within half an hour. I was really happy with the engineer as he was polite, helpful and very nice."   Tenant, Ascend Properties
"My boiler stopped working so I contacted my Letting Agent and they instructed Everything Lettings. Everything was good, I was pleased with how quickly Natasha organised an engineer to come out, it was only a few hours later. When he arrived, he was very thorough and described the problem thoroughly so that I could understand how to fix the problem in the future."   Tenant, Right Now Residential
"The extractor fan was not working in our bathroom which, very annoyingly, left the whole bathroom wet with condensation. I contacted my Letting Agent who instructed Everything Lettings to attend. I was over the moon with the whole service! I was contacted by the engineer as agreed, giving me enough time to get from work to the house so I could let him in, and the engineer was on time too. He was great and gave me lots of detail about what would happen next with regards to ordering parts and returning to fit them. Everything was amazing and I was really pleased!"   Tenant, Right Now Residential
"As our Property Maintenance company, Everything Lettings provides services from window cleaning, letting cleans, Out Of Hours Emergency Service to general property maintenance. I'm very, very happy with the business relationship between Everything Lettings & Ideal Collective. I am very happy with the response times of engineers getting to site and the office team responding to emails and keeping me in the loop, especially Out Of Hours, where problems are sorted very quickly and well. The maintenance work is great and I'm happy to continue passing work through Everything Lettings as it works so well."   Max, Ideal Collective Properties
"I was locked out of my house because my front door handle broke so my letting agent put me onto Everything Lettings. I was really happy an engineer came out straight away and that he got it sorted quickly, there have been no more problems, the engineer was very nice and helpful."   Tenant, Martyn Gerard Properties 
"I called the emergency number because there was a major leak in my sons flat early hours of the morning. My son was in quite a panic as he has learning difficulties, he found it quite a confusing time. The engineer came out and managed to stop the water leak, he had to turn the water off to the whole property. We had a couple of engineers out and the 2nd engineer in particular did a brilliant job and made sure everything was working well, staying on at the house both visits until the work was completed."   Tenant, Ascend Properties
"I was waiting to move into my new flat, but the keys didn't seem to work so my letting agent gave me the Emergency Out Of Hours number to organise a locksmith. I was waiting a little while to find out when the engineer was going to come out but it may just have been that it was late on a Friday night and Maxine was spending time sourcing an engineer. Once I knew when an engineer was attending, Maxine called a few times with updates, which I was happy about. The locksmith was very pleasant and polite and worked very quickly to get the lock fixed, which I was pleased with."   Tenant, Burghleys
"The handle to our living room door snapped off meaning that we were stuck downstairs for 4 hours! We tried to fix the handle so that we could get upstairs, but it was no good and we ended up calling Everything Lettings to help. We were really happy with the service we received from the lady in the office, my flatmate spoke to Nicola for the majority of the time. We were happy with the speed of everything and the overall customer service."   Tenant, Butterfield Taylor & Co Properties
"I woke up at 2:00 in the morning and found water pouring into my flat from two flats above and used the Emergency Out Of Hours number. I was really impressed that an engineer came out at 3am to isolate the water, with just that in mind it was a massive success!"   Tenant, Marston Properties
"I work with Roy on a regular basis as our emergency property maintenance contractor, and I'm very happy with the relationship between London Shared and Everything Lettings. Roy is always helpful and quick with reactive site visits, I'm pleased with the level of paperwork and communication throughout our dealings. Recently I passed a job for a leaking water tank in a roof void; the repair was done in a very satisfactory time and the response from Everything Lettings was great. I had great correspondence from Roy who kept me up to date with everything along the way. I did have to ask for a report in this case, but was happy with the photos and invoice when they came through."   Lize van den Heever, London Shared Properties
"My carbon monoxide alarm went off and had the emergency gas team from Trasnco out, which was quite alarming. Everything Lettings then came out to look at the alarm and the leak on my boiler. The engineer who came out was very helpful indeed and kept me well informed of when he would be with me, in fact when he was running late he called with the new eta which I was impressed with. The alarm was found faulty so the engineer fixed it and has been fine since."   Tenant, Ascend Properties
"I have my boiler insurance with Npower, the service was due and they organised Everything Lettings to send an engineer out. I was happy, everything went fine and I was also happy with the appointment time they suggested, I didn't have to wait in all day. The engineer arrived in the morning and he did a good job, he did a good job."   Home owner, boiler service on behalf of Npower
"I had a major leak coming from my toilet, so contacted my Letting Agent and they instructed Everything Lettings. Everything was absolutely fine, the toilet has been working since with no problems. The response time was brilliant and the engineer did a great job."   Tenant, Lawrence Ward & Co
"I locked myself out recently, as soon as I closed the door I realised I didn't have my keys, it wasn't my best moment. But I was happy the engineer came out so quickly to get me back in. The engineer was very good and was I happy with everything, it was all good."   Tenant, Justin Lloyd
"There were some really urgent repairs needed in my nursery, I was quite worried that the window would fall out of place. The repairs were booked with Everything Lettings for Wednesday, I was a little disappointed that the engineer had to cancel due to an emergency on an ealier job, but other than feeling frustrated, I was kept up to date by Natasha of when it would be booked back in and so it was ok. The engineer who came was very pleasant and polite and the job he carried out was immaculate. I was very happy that when I picked up a couple of paint spills/spots, that he came straight back in from the van and cleaned them up, apologising. Everything was very good and I was really pleased with the finish."   Tenant, Right Now Residential
"I arrived home and my key wouldn't open the front door, I called Everything Lettings and they arranged for an emergency locksmith. I was extremely impressed with the speed of everything and how quickly I was back in his house - I called at 19:30 and was in the house by 21:15. The engineer was very clear with all his explanations and I was pleased to hear that the repair was not down to me! All the paperwork was thoroughly explained and I was really happy with everything, especially to get back inside the house!"   Tenant, Ascend Properties
"The door handle on my bedroom was sticking and I ended up being stuck inside quite a few times, I'm elderly and disabled so it was quite distressing. Natasha was very friendly and gave me lots of information about the arrangements for an engineer to come out. I found the engineer to be very good, and also very funny and personable. He arrived on the day the office had booked in and completed the job very quickly, first thing in the morning. The repair has been fine and I haven't been locked in the room since!"   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions
"Good Afternoon Maxine. Many thanks for your assistance with our tenant, he came into the office this morning, very apologetic, and used our managed keys for access"   Mike Sammon, Director, Manlets Properties
"A leak appeared on our boiler system and was causing some damage to the flat, so an engineer was organised to come out as an emergency. Everything went really smoothly and the engineer was sent out really quickly, the hot water has been back on and working just fine ever since. My girlfriend was happy with all the communication she had with Everything Lettings office too. Overall, very happy."   Tenant, Express Letting Agency
"I had a burst pipe in the bathroom so I called the emergency number and spoke to a lovely Essex lady who was very helpful and polite. It was a Sunday, but an engineer was sourced and sent out within a couple of hours to repair the pipe problem. I was really impressed with how quick it was between placing the call out to the water leak being fixed. The only criticism was that the long message when I called wasn't very clear, but the information on locating the stopcock was very helpful indeed!"   Tenant, Sowerbys Estate Agents
"Good morning Roy, I hope this finds you well. I'm sending a quick e-mail this morning with regard to an issue at the property in which I live last night. Your colleague Maxine was the person who dealt with this on our behalf. I have to say she did an absolutely stellar job! Meticulous, attentive and brilliantly handled. Being aware of the security risk that having a broken lock on a main entrance door (that leads to a busy street), she was adamant that the issue needed to be rectified asap & kept us informed all of the way through the process. And getting the letting agent(s) to do a complete 180 from their stance was no small feat either - I suppose her lovely and professional demeanour won the day. In conclusion, please pass on another big thank you to her for outstanding efforts with regard to this matter."   Tenant, Johnny Worman
"Whilst going through my house sale process, the deal was hanging on fitting a new ventilation system in the house. After waiting a month for the Solicitors to get everything agreed, Everything Lettings managed to get the repair booked in and completed the following day! I was really happy with the engineer who came, he was professional, honest and really nice. Being a young female at home, I always feel a little nervous and worried about having a male engineer visit, but the engineer was polite and made me feel at ease as he was so professional but personable too. The engineer was on time, and I was really impressed that he phoned ahead to let me know what time he would be here, and also text when he was on the way. I'm now in my new house unpacking neverending boxes!"   Home Owner, LME Move
"My electrics had gone and I had no idea why, I was really happy with how Nicola went through how to test and reset the electrics with me. Everything has been working fine in the couple of days since, however it's a reoccurring problem so I'm hoping to have an engineer check everything over soon."   Tenant, Right Now Residential
"Cleaners had locked the door of my property and I was unable to get back in. Lots was done to get me back in, including an Uber going to different places and picking up keys so I could get back in! I was really happy with how quickly the whole situation was dealt with and that I was back in the house within a couple of hours!"   Tenant, London Shared
"I had lost power to most of my flat, the national grid advised to check my fuse board and I saw one of the fuses down but as I switched this back on and the power came on it tripped again. I didn't know what to do from here so I called my Out Of Hours Emergency number and Nicola kindly talked me through resetting the fuse board and we traced the problem to the washing machine. I was very happy with the amount of information she gave me, describing how to run through the trip switches in order to find out which appliance was causing the problem. Everything was perfect."   Tenant, Chase Evans Estate Agents
"My tap snapped and I had water pouring out, so I contact Everything Lettings through the Emergency Call Out number. I was over the moon with everything, I couldn't fault anything. I was informed every step of the way and was called whenever they promised they would. Phil the Engineer was charming, informative and did such a great job. Really couldn't fault anything and was over the moon at how quickly the problem was handled."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions
"I'm moving house and needed my CP12 Gas Certificate and EICR Electrical report as part of the conveyancing reports. McCarthy Stone booked the work to be done with Everything Lettings and they contacted me to book an engineer in. He was booked for between 8:30 - 12:00am and he arrived at 11:00, so I was happy with that. The engineer came, did his job and went off again, I was really happy with how quickly the paperwork was sent through, now I'm just waiting for a moving in date!"   Vendor, McCarthy Stone Part Exchange
"The lock mechanism on my front door broke and I couldn't use the door at all, I did feel quite silly that I couldn't get out the house! I was really very happy with the locksmith, he was a marvelous young lad who really knew what he was doing. The lock has been fixed and is now working better than it ever has, I now realise how stiff it was and had probably been needing repair for a while before the mechanism failed. Great job!"   Tenant, Sowerbys Estate Agents 
"There was a problem with the pipes in my bathroom, every time I ran the taps, the water would back up into the bath tub. When I called the emergency number, Maxine said she would have an engineer out to me the next morning. I was very happy and thought everything was 10/10, I would easily recommend Everything Lettings. The engineer was very helpful and fixed the problem completely so that there have been no problems since he came out."   Tenant, Right Now Residential

"I'm at the beginning of the house buying process and so needed an Electrical Report, Gas Certificate and EPC. Everything Lettings organised for all to be completed, I was happy with the work carried out and that the engineer was in and out quickly, with all work completed."   Vendor, LME Move

"I was buying my new house and my buyer pulled out two weeks before exchange, it was panic stations but I managed to find a replacement buyer, only problem was I had to complete within 10 days otherwise the contracts would fall through. This meant new paperwork and inspections. I was blown away by the efficiency of everything. Within half an hour of placing the call to ask for the gas certificate, I had an appt confirmed for the following day... on a Saturday! Steve the engineer was absolutely awesome, he turned up on time and was extremely quick, helpful and efficient. I'm so happy that everything went ahead I'm now in my new house, the dog is happy he has a garden now too!"   Vendor, LME Move

"The tap in my bathroom needed a new internal cartridge, whilst waiting for the repair the internals completely went and we had boiling hot water overflowing everywhere. I spoke to Everything Lettings to get an engineer out and fix the problem, I was disappointed to find out that it would be a little wait, but managed to stem the flow myself. I was very grateful that Nicola had been able to direct me to where the stopcock was in the kitchen to prevent any further water flow into the pipes."   Tenant, Sowerbys Estate Agents

"I had my yearly boiler service and was very, very happy with with the engineer. He stuck something on the boiler to say he'd been, so I was very happy with that! He was on time and carried out the work well, so all was fine."   Boiler Service, on behalf of our client Allianz

"I have my boiler service insured through Allianz, they instructed Everything Lettings to get the yearly service booked in. I was more than happy with the service and have no complaints at all. The engineer was really helpful and pointed out a slight warranty issue with the external flue, which is being dealt with by the housing developers and hopefully being fixed soon. So for that I was very grateful."   Boiler Service, on behalf of our client Allianz

"The engineer was great and gave lots of good info on what he was doing and what he would need access to. I was happy with the engineer who was polite and good at his job. All good from my end."   Home Owner, LME Move

"Everything was fine, the engineer was very good and very polite. He explained everything on the paperwork and went through everything thoroughly to explain that no further works were needed. The engineer was actually about half an hour early, but that suited me so wasn't a problem at all. Very happy with everything."   Home Owner, LME Move

"We had our yearly service on the gas and electrics last week and we were very happy with the engineer. He was very good and explained everything he was going to do. I'm elderly so I appreciated the engineer leaving everything nice and tidy afterwards."   Home Owner, LME Move

"The contractors did a really amazing job, better than i was expecting ! Not only did they fix the damage that the previous contractors (NOT YOURS) caused, they repainted the areas, fixed my top window, loosened the bottom window and it locks perfectly again. They even hoovered. Really professional job and i would like you to pass on my thanks if possible. Hannah was also in the house at the time they were carrying out the work and said they were very polite and kept her informed as to what they were doing. Thank you so much for fixing this."   Lisie Beeley, London Shared

"I needed a gas and electric report done on my house, so Everything Lettings organise an appointment for us. I was really happy with the whole experience. The engineer was polite and a really nice man, he turned up on time, did his work well and went on his way. Couldn't have asked for anything more."    Home Owner, LME Move

"I have my boiler serviced and insured through Allianz and a new service was due, so Everything Lettings contacted me to book an engineer in. I was confused at first as I saw the name and assumed I was being contacted about a Lettings property when I'm a homeowner! Wendy very quickly explained about the relationship between the two companies and it was great to deal with Wendy after that. I was really happy with how quickly the appointment was made for the service and felt very happy with the work carried out. My wife was at home when the engineer came and she was happy with his efficiency and how tidy he was. We were happy overall and impressed with the follow up phone call to check if we were happy with everything."   Boiler Service, on behalf of our client Allianz

"My hot water had stopped working so Everything Lettings organised for parts to be fitted. The engineer made an appointment for the repair between 11:00-13:00, he arrived at 11:15 so I was very happy with that! The engineer fixed the hot water problem, he worked well and left everything clean and tidy, it's been working well ever since. The engineer was a really good fella and I was really happy with his work."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"My door lock broke and I couldn't turn my key, so my letting agent sent an engineer out. I was over the moon with the engineer who came to fix my lock. I suffer with learning difficulties and severe anxiety so was in a little bit of a state when the lock broke, I had to rearrange several appointments which made me anxious. The engineer did a fantastic job, he explained everything really well, in simple terms so I felt happy and peachy. The engineer was very kind, he was on time which was really important with my anxiety, he left after he fixed everything."   Tenant, Express Letting Agency

"Our door lock was jammed and we could not get in or out of the property, my husband even had to climb out the living room window just to get out the house! I was extremely happy with the work Everything Lettings put in, I was really impressed with how quickly the locksmith arrived and how detailed the report was on the lock repairs required. He had to order parts, but managed to make a temporary repair, which was great."   Tenant, Alan Ives Properties

"I am grateful to Maxine for her help on what was a very difficult day. Without her, I am not sure how I would have got things sorted out so quickly."   Tenant, Wright Letting Agents

"I accidentally locked myself out of the house at 3:3am!! No one was answering the door inside and so I needed a very urgent locksmith as the local hotel was full, not what I needed at that time of the morning. Everything worked out just fine and the locksmith was able to get me into the house very quickly."   Tenant, LondonShared Properties

"Hi Maxine. All safely in. Wayne was absolutely brilliant. And thank you for all your help.  Kathryn Bodenham, Wright Letting Agents

"As a background, we set up the system with Everything Lettings to cover the Christmas closure period, but from that period of time we could see a clear benefit to carrying on the relationship and the Out Of Hours service, and it is a good advertisement to potential Landlords as a company. We are very happy with the frequency and content of any notifications sent with regard to call outs and futher visits. We are environmentally conscious and happy that all paperwork is emailed rather than posted, with good quality report sheets and invoices being sent. We feel as if the relationship is very good and it is benefitting our company greatly."   General Manager, Gary Banks, Justin Lloyd Letting Agents

"My flatmate left a bottom lock on and I was locked out of my house, so I needed a locksmith urgently. Everything was fine, no problems at all with the service. I was given a timeframe of 1.5hrs for the engineer to attend and he turned up towards the end of the time, but I was more than happy with that! The engineer was really good, very thorough and could not do enough for us, in fact I was really taken back by his efficiency! The whole experience was good and I was really happy with Everything Lettings."   Tenant, Chase Evans

"My boiler started leaking so my letting agent put me through to Everything Lettings and I was absolutely over the moon, I could not stop saying thank you and singing praises over the team! Nicola was extremely helpful and went out of her way to make sure everything went well, even calling the day after the repair to ensure everything was still ok. I could feel the kindness through Nicola's voice and felt very thankful for that. There was a slight problem after the engineer left, the leak had stopped, but the hot water wasn't back on. After speaking with Nicola, the engineer called back and they worked out that he had forgotten to turn a switch on which was preventing the hot water from coming back on. I was very grateful that the engineer was so helpful. I cannot thank the whole team enough!!"   Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"My boiler broke down over the Bank Holiday and needed an engineer to come look at it. I was very happy with the service I received during the call out and I'm also happy that the boiler is now working again. I was not in during the time the engineer attended but it was great to come home to a working boiler!"   Tenant, Lawrence Ward & Co

"I had just got home from a long haul flight and found my key did not work in the door, so very frustrating! I was extremely impressed that a locksmith could be sent out during the afternoon on Bank Holiday Friday. Maxine was brilliant and very helpful. The engineer was 15 minutes late from the time I had been told, but M25 traffic on Bank Holiday is always a nightmare! Maxine was able to let me know the engineer had been in traffic but would be there shortly. The engineer was very polite and managed to fix the lock quickly which I was so happy about! We were very lucky to have had such good service."   Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"My boiler went down and my letting agent sent Everything Lettings out. Everything was fine, the engineer came out the same day which was great and took a look at the boiler. It appeared to be an intermittent problem as he could not trace any faults, but the boiler has been working perfectly ever since."   Tenant, Marston Properties

"Initially I spoke with Maxine, who was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable, quick in getting the engineer out to site which I was extremely impressed with as I'm located in central London! The engineer was extremely polite and a very good engineer, giving lots of great information. Before arriving the engineer used Whatsapp to have pictures sent over for a initial brief and diagnosis, and in this chat message he confirmed the time he would be there. The engineer was 15 minutes later, but I was more than happy with how quickly he was there from time of call out to attendance. It was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had when calling out an emergency engineer!"   Tenant, London Shared Properties

"My Letting Agent organised for Everything Lettings to do some repairs in my bathroom - a new shower rail was installed and repairs to my bathroom door which was misaligned. Everything was ok, the engineer arrived at the right time and day as planned and I was very happy with his work. Everything was fine."   Tenant, Lawrence Ward & Co

"Recently, I had a major water leak after my boiler stopped working so I called the emergency number. After reporting the problem I was so very pleased that an engineer had been organised to come out the same day, especially because it was a Saturday! Everything has been working fine since, no problems at all."   Tenant, Wright Letting Properties

"I use Everything Lettings for our Commercial Property Maintenance, overall I am very happy working with Roy and the team - they are very knowledgeable and seem to react to any call out quickly. Their knowledge is especially noticeable when it comes to boiler and central heating problems. I am always really pleased with the photos and reports being sent back as paperwork, and that the work is of a good standard. Lots of information is always given about when work is to be booked in and any further remedial works required. Very happy with how Roy provides quotations very quickly for work, it makes the process very smooth."   Katie Murphy, Vista Facilities, Commercial Property Agents

"My neighbour came round in a panic as there was sewage backing up into her garden and going up to her house! A drainage engineer came out to sort the problem, everything went alright and there's been no problems since. The engineer was very thorough, and explained everything to me."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"If booked will this be the same engineer who visited, we were very impressed by him. If possible can we request him."   Amanda Carswell, Assistant Property Manager, Right Now Residential

"Good morning Team, Thank you so much for completing Flat 2 , 129 Whitechapel High Street. The tenant was so impressed on your workman’s care and was able to clear the blockage so quickly. Hope you all have a good weekend."   Candice, Lawrence Ward

"My bedroom patio door had become stuck in the open position, and as a First Floor resident the prospect of leaving it open at night was quite scary. A locksmith was sent out and everything was dealt with very swiftly, especially considering that it was a Sunday evening. Maxine was very helpful and gave enough information for me to know exactly what was happening at all times. The locksmith arrived at the time I had been told and he was thorough in what he was able to complete, even though another type of contractor was required to complete the fix."   Tenant, Chase Evans

"My boiler stopped working and my agent organised for Everything Lettings to come out and have a look. It all went very well, and I was well informed about when an engineer would be attending and then returning with parts to complete the repair. I was actually out at work during the repair and had the engineer pick up keys from my agent, which was great and so helpful. When I came home, everything was working and the property had been left very tidy. I was very happy with everything!"   Tenant, Lawrence Ward & Co

"I suddenly had no water in the house and so I called the number for emergencies. Because there was no water at all, I was given advice as to what to do with regards to calling the water board, I was given the telephone number to call and soon enough an engineer was on his way. I highly praise Nicola for being so helpful."   Tenant, Red Key Properties

"My washing machine stopped mid-cycle and I couldn't get the door to open - it made all the more worse because I was about to be travelling away with work for 5 days! I used the Out Of Hours number and spoke to Nicola, she was really helpful and I appreciated the fact that she was honest about whether the call out would be approved as an emergency call out or not. Nicola advised me to reset the machine, which meant I could get to the washing and then an engineer was organised for when I'd be back from my work trip. Overall, a great service."   Tenant, Ascend Properties

"An engineer was fixing something else and noticed a patch on my ceiling, he investigated and realised that a radiator valve in the bedroom above had been leaking for quite a long time. He ordered the parts and came back to fix the problem. I was told when the engineer would come back and then the engineer was punctual, tidy and very nice. Everything is still working and I'm really happy the repair was made before there was any major damage."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"This is the second time I have called the Out Of Hours team and the service has been AWESOME both times! Our kitchen tap was spraying water everywhere and we couldn't turn the water off. The engineer came out within 2 hours of placing the call which was amazing! He was so helpful with tracing and finding the stop cock, which was in the pathway outside the house, I would never have found it otherwise. Maxine was really lovely, helpful and made the problem seem easy and quickly fixable. The Out Of Hours service was brilliant!"   Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"Our boiler came up with a fault code so an engineer came out and everything is still working just fine. I was really happy with the amount of info given about when the engineer could get here, so we were able to make sure someone was in. I was also impressed when an updated time was given, even though it was a little later than originally planned, and that the job hadn't been cancelled but someone was still coming even though it was late at night. The engineer was really, really helpful and gave lots information about how to carry out maintenance tasks and prevent the problem from happening again. I was also really impressed with how tidy the engineer was!"   Tenant, London Shared Properties

"Someone broke into my house, smashing the back patio door completely, so I called the Police and the Out Of Hours Service. Everything was spot on, no problems at all. I spoke to a very nice lady who kept me updated with what was happening, as did the engineer so I couldn't fault the service at all. The engineer was quick and got the door secured and left everything just fine."   Tenant, Butterfield Taylor & Co Properties

"I have been living in my house for four years now and have been very happy. After a break in, Everything Lettings came out in an emergency to secure my front door. I was happy with the job, so all good with me, you guys are doing a good job again, Thanks!"   Tenant, Edgecom Estates

"My boiler was due a service and so my Landlord organised this with Everything Lettings. I was given a time and date for the boiler service and the engineer came out promptly at the agreed time. The engineer carried out the service swiftly and left everything working really well. He was very tidy too!"   Tenant, Property Assure Products

"I have two young children and the heating stopped working in my house, so I called Everything Lettings to come and look at it. Everything was perfect, the engineer got out to me quickly and he was available to me on his mobile to reassure me that everything was going to be ok, and that the temporary repair would keep the house heated for the children until he returned to fit the new part. That made me feel comforted and confident that everything was going to be ok."   Tenant, Lawrence Ward & Co

"My boiler stopped working and so I had nothing working, an engineer came out to me and everything was great. The boiler is still working now, which I am really happy with."   Tenant, Ascend Properties

"I discovered high levels of Carbon Monoxide in my house and contacted Everything Lettings for an emergency engineer to come out. Nicola was very reassuring and it was so comforting that that she knew what she was talking about! The engineer was on time and completed the work quickly and efficiently. The engineer was polite and really comforting in a scary situation, I had no questions about his safety and felt totally reassured that the house was safe."   Tenant, Butterfield Taylor & Co Properties

"I had a problem with my boiler a couple of days before Christmas and called Everything Lettings to come out. Maxine was really helpful and I was so happy that an engineer attended within the hour to have a look at the boiler. I wasn't given a specific time for the visit, just that it was going to be the afternoon, but in the end I didn't mind because the engineer came out so quickly."   Tenant, Pure Luxury Living

"The electrics in the house had gone and I didn't know what to do. Maxine was really helpful, the information she gave was good and it was enough to trace the problem and get everything back up and running. I thinks there was a problem with the main electric supplied to the house because everything came back on all at once! "   Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"I noticed a major sewage leak in my garden, as my property is at the end of a row of cottages, the drainage problem ended in my garden! Maxine was absolutely lovely and couldn't commend her more, she listened to everything I needed to say and she gave me reassurance that the problem would be dealt with. I was really impressed with Maxine's honesty that she was not sure whether anyone would be available (being Christmas!), but that she would do everything to get the issue alerted to the agents. Maxine sent a text and rang back to ensure I was up to date with the current situation which I was over the moon with. Maxine took the stress away so completely that I felt the pressure of the situation taken away from me entirely."   Tenant, Green Door Properties

"During the recent bitterly cold weekend, my heating and hot water packed up! I contacted Everything Lettings and was really impressed with how prompt everything was, from the initial call to an engineer coming out. I was extremely thankful to Maxine who was absolutely brilliant! I couldn't believe how much effort Maxine put in, describing how to get the boiler up and running, she even waited on the line whilst I watched a video to help. Unfortunately nothing worked and an engineer was needed, but I praise the work of Everything Lettings highly."   Tenent, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"I came home in the early hours and found water leaking through my bathroom ceiling. I spoke to Maxine who was extremely helpful and brilliant, very informative and caring. Maxine was really, really great and I followed her instructions to shut the water off and not use the bathroom until someone came out to look at the problem."   Tenant, London Shared

"We’re happy with the service and responsiveness.  We like and trust the company and intend to continue using them."   Charles, Landlord

"I work for Chase Evans who use Everything Lettings for their Maintenance Contract, so when I had a problem with my own boiler at home, I tried their number to see if they could help at all. Maxine was super helpful and talked me through how to repressurise my boiler and see if that was the problem initially. Unfortunately, I did need an engineer to come out and fix the boiler, and I was really touched that Maxine called back to follow up on what had happened."   Krystal, Chase Evans

"After a terrible shock discovering a break in at my house, Everything Lettings managed to send an engineer to repair my door very late at night on a Friday. I was really happy with the quick response to the emergency and the temporary repair to make the house safe was made well."   Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"Following an emergency drainage issue, Everything Lettings came out to investigate problems with sewage backing up into one of our properties. I was really impressed and thankful that they followed up the call out to check everything was ok."   Migle, Chase Evans

"My electrics kept tripping out and I didn't know what was causing it. Everything Lettings directed me in resetting the fuse board to source which appliance was tripping the electrics out, and I was so grateful for the information I was given. Nicola was really helpful!"   Tenant. Martyn Gerrard Lettings

"A new tenant called in with a major leak in their kithcen, so Everything Lettings quickly dispatched an engineer to the property. I was so happy that the fault was diagnosed before causing too much damage. We're very thankful for the recommendation to replace the dishwasher, which we will go ahead and do soon. Thank you Everything Lettings for all your help!!"   Vanessa, Property Manager, Martyn Gerrard Lettings

"A couple of weeks ago I woke up to a stressful, whirlwind experience as water had suddenly started pouring through my ceiling. I frantically called Everything Lettings and Roy gave me lots of very clear and helpful information, including contacting the fire brigade because the water was coming from another flat and no one was home. When they couldn't help I was very impressed that as soon as I called Roy back he was dealing with the situation straight away and 'on it'. The plumber was really prompt and sorted the problem really quickly."   Tenant, Professional Properties

"I am extremely happy with the service Everything Lettings provide us, covering our Out Of Hours Call Out. The ladies in the office provide great communication and are always very, very helpful. The site we manage is very complicated and there are a lot of residences, but the team at Everything Lettings make every effort to understand the complex private and adopted pump station pipework network when a call out is needed on site. The work from Everything Lettings is consistently great and I'm always pleased to work with them."   Marianne Rogers, Barton Park Homes

"I work with Everything Lettings to cover any problems which happen outside our office hours, and I am extremely pleased with the level of profession when representing my company, the tenants are dealt with as if it was me dealing with them. Working with Everything Lettings has been great and I'm really happy with the working relationship."   Ashley Weekes, Pure Luxury Living

"I live in a housing park where houses are mainly for elderly residents and we find it quite confusing and stressful dealing with the ongoing pump station issue here. I spoke to Everything Lettings as there was a sewage leak backing up from the pump station, and they organised to have an engineer look at it. I was really happy with how the problem was dealt with and how they liased with South West Water too, the engineer managed to come out and the problem was sorted quickly. A sewage leak isn't pleasant for anyone so I was over the moon to get it sorted!"   Tenant, Barton Park Homes

"I had an engineer from Everything Lettings come to my house to look at a problem with my heating system. I was so happy that the engineer came out and the heating has been working ever since. I was working when the engineer needed to attend so I was happy that I could leave a key with a trustworthy engineer and get back to work."   Tenant, Red Key Properties

"My heating system failed and I had no heating in the house, Everything Lettings dispatched an engineer the same day which I was really happy about. The engineer balanced the system and I was pleased to see the heating working again, the engineer did a great job."   Tenant, Chase Evans

"I was struggling to find my serviced apartment and it was late on a Sunday night so could not contact the offices. Fortunately Everything Lettings was taking the out of hours calls and they helped me out. Maxine was extremely helpful, polite and went out of her way to make sure I could find and access the property!"   Tenant, Pure Luxury Living

"I had a problem with my front door lock and couldn't get in my house so I contacted Everything Lettings to come out. I was very happy with how everything was handled, I was told I would receive a text message to confirm the locksmiths eta, which I did then receive and the locksmith was on time. The locksmith removed and repaired the lock and it has been working since. I was pleased with everything and have no complaints at all!"   Tenant, London Shared

"I needed an Emergency Plumber as there was a big water leak from my water tank, so Everything Lettings organised for an engineer to come out to my property. I was really impressed that the engineer came out the same day that I reported the problem! Everything was fine, the engineer was very helpful and fixed the problem right away. The office were very helpful too with keeping me up to date with the engineers eta."   Tenant, Lawrence Ward & Co

"Hi, just to let you know that the tenant of the above property asked that I pass her thanks on, she said the gent who attended was so lovely and polite. Not often we get feedback back from tenants!"   Chantelle, Property Co-ordinator, Red Key Property Services

"At our property, we noticed sparks coming from an electrical box and called Everything Lettings for an Emergency Engineer to come out. The engineer attended really quickly, my wife and I were feeling really scared about the sparks and what that could lead to, so I was really relieved the engineer came out within a few hours. The engineer traced the fault and gave a thorough demonstration and explanation of the problem to put my mind at rest, which I was so grateful for. The electrical box is now safe and everything is working just fine."   Tenant, Chase Evans

"I called Everything Lettings as one of our propertys' had a major leak - they responded really quickly and I was so impressed with the attendance time of the engineer. I was really, really happy with everything and they couldn't have dealt with the job any better. The job was completed well and I was pleased with the amount of information received both from the office and the engineer."   Ann Hughes, Lawrence Ward & Co

Recently, one of our properties had been left in an unsecure way and so Everything Lettings organised for a locksmith to attend the following day as planned. The property was secured and the work was completed very quickly, picking up and returning the keys as arranged. Everything was brilliant!"   Chanelle, Property Manager, Chase Evans Properties

"Everything Lettings provide reassurance to our tenants and support for us an agency and our landlords. Always efficient in handling calls and also quick to respond to call out requests, providing information as required to enable us to handle the management of our properties in a clear and helpful manner."  MakeurMove Properties

"We work with Everything Lettings for our Property Maintenance and Emergency Call Out service, and we are always really happy with all aspects of working with Everything Lettings. The service is always perfect and the team in the office always provide clear and accurate information for the duration of the jobs. Something we are always extremely happy with is the continuous availability of engineers and the quick response to any jobs passed over. Repairs are usually completed, but on the occassions that further works are needed, Everything Lettings provide information for return visits very quickly."   Saba, London Shared 

"I had a problem with a broken fixture on our toilet so I placed a call with Everything Lettings. I was very happy that the visit was booked in well and that the engineer was on time. The repair was completed swiftly and the job was done well, I was suprised and pleased that the engineer cleaned the area exceptionally well and also fixed another issue which I hadn't even noticed, this went above and beyond what I had expected."   Tenant, Adrians Properties

"As always with Everything Lettings, I was very happy with the quick response time and the repairs made to a boiler which was not providing any hot water or heating for the tenants, and that everything was left in working order. The boiler was repressurised and the engineer left instructions for the tenants to deal with any future issues, which was great."   Saba, London Shared

"We use Everything Lettings for various repair works and out of hours call outs, covering lettings properties aroud Newport. We are very happy with the overall service and find the communication from their office to be very good, especially during out of hours time we are always able to speak with someone. The quality of the work is high and we have been happy with the engineers works at our properties."   Samantha, Red Key Property Services

"For the sale of my house I needed a Gas Safety (CP12) and Electrical Certificate (EPR) so I booked through Everything Lettings, the engineer was booked and he turned up on time. I was very happy and everything was fine. The certificates were given in the time I needed them for the sale process to move forward."   Tenant, LME Move

"I recently had a security issue with a faulty window and called Everything Lettings for an emergency visit. I was very happy with everything; the engineer arrived within a couple of hours of making the initial phone call, which I was very grateful for, and he sorted the problem straight away. Maxine in the office was super, she was very informative, helpful and friendly."   Tenant, No Agent Properties

"Everything Lettings went out to one of our properties to investigate a problem with our tenants toilet and the flushing system. I was very happy with how the job was dealt with, and very happy with the quality and quantity of images I was sent following the diagnosis. The job was attended to quickly, site was left well and I had no queries on the job. I was also very happy with the quick turn around of the quotation for repair."   Sam, London Shared

"An engineer came out to fix our toilet which had been continuously running water, he worked out which part he needed and returned the next day to fit it, great service and response times."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"I needed an electrical EICR report carried out on my house and an engineer came to complete it. The engineer was good and gave lots of technical advice and pointers on the electrical problems he found in the property, which was really helpful."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"I needed a CP12 Gas Safety Certificate for my property, so it was booked through Everything Lettings. I was happy with the job and everything was fine. The office staff gave an exact time for the engineer to attend and the engineer was on time. He was also, friendly, chatty and efficient, getting the job done quickly."   Home Owner, LME Move

"Unfortunately, I had a window broken by someone and it was broken right through the two panes. I called Everything Lettings to attend and I was very, very happy, everything was superb and couldn't fault anything at all. An engineer was booked to come out and he attended very quickly, leaving everything safe and secure. The office kept me well informed and up to date, which I was over the moon about."   Tenant, Butterfield Taylor & Co

"We had a problem with a leak from our cistern, after speaking to Everything Lettings an engineer arrived within a one hour time slot that evening.  The ladies kept in contact throughout and were very professional, even calling to let me know when the engineer was on the way. We were very happy with how the cistern was fixed really quickly and the engineer left everything tidy and clean."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"I had a big water leak from my boiler and contacted Everything Lettings. I was extremely impressed that an engineer was able to get here the same day and fix the leak on the boiler. The engineer was very good and efficient, it was a relief to have the boiler fixed"   Tenant, Chase Evans

"An engineer was booked in to carry out various electrical work, I was really happy with everything, no complaints at all. Communication was good from Everything Lettings to book the engineer in, the engineer arrived on time and carried out the work well. The engineer went to extra efforts to make sure everything was clean and tidy afterwards, even hoovering!"   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"We had an engineer in to fit a water tank, pump and valve and we were very happy with the repair, everything has been working really well since. The engineer came a little earlier than the booked time which we were very happy with. The Everything Lettings office gave good information on booking times and general info as we went."   Tenant, Adrians Properties

"I was extremely happy with the engineer who attended to diagnose issues with the water leak. He gave recommendations and also investigated problems with roofing whilst on site too."   Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"We were really happy with the everything, very quick and very efficient. The locksmith contacted me to confirm the appointment and then arrived straight away. The lock has been working since and I'm very happy with everything."   Tenant, LME Move

" Lots of information was given as to when the engineer would attend, everything was fine and has been since."   Tenant, Butterfield Taylor & Co Properties

"I was really very happy with Maxine, she was extremely helpful and tried lots of different things to work out what was wrong in the first place. I was also very happy that an engineer was able to come out and attended within a couple of hours. Everything has been working fine since."   Tenant, Butterfield Taylor & Co Properties

"Maxine was very helpful, very polite and I was happy with all the information she gave me."   Tenant, Chase Evans

"I have a great relationship with Everything Lettings. In particular, Nicola is polite, very professional and always very good with passing information on. I am so grateful for her professional manner when dealing with tenants on my behalf. I am very happy with the work Everything Lettings have carried out and plan to keep using the company for my lettings maintenance work."    Ashley, Managing Director, Pure Luxury Living

"We had an engineer arrive to clear blockages in our bathroom, I was very happy with how quickly the engineer was able to attend. The work was great and everything has been working since."   Tenant, MakeurMove Properties

"For the part exchange of our house we needed a Damp & Timber Report by a specific date, Everything Lettings managed to deliver that report on time and I was happy with the service."   Tenant, LME Move

"I met the engineer from Everything Lettings on site, he was on time but I was late! He completed a good job and I was happy with the work."   Alex, Abbott Fox (Norwich), LME Move

"I just had an engineer out to carry out a CP12 Gas Safety check, he arrived and carried out the work very well, he was polite and courteous, he carried out the work without being disruptive. The call handler was polite and clear about the appointment time. I was happy with everything."   Tenant, LME Move

"Everything Lettings worked very quickly to get an engineer on site and the file was closed quickly with no further problems."   No Agent Properties

"I was happy with how the appointment for a CP12 certificate was booked in, the engineer was punctual and everything was fine."   Tenant, LME Move

"Everything was made very clear about when the engineer would come out and what was happening. I was very happy with everything and our appliance has been working well since."    Tenant, MakeurMove Properties

"Morning Roy, just had a phone call from the tenant. He wished to pass on his thanks for the prompt response, and professional manner of the contractors who attended Saturday and the following days."   Ryan Green, Howes Property Solutions

"Everything Lettings have been looking after our out of hours emergency call service for nearly 2 years.  It takes the pressure off us as a small business to provide the service directly ourselves and enables us to give both our Landlords and Tenants the reassurance that help is on hand if required. On the occasions that the service has been called upon by our clients, they have had a prompt response to the problem. If you are looking for top service to manage your emergency calls then I would definitely recommend speaking to Roy Fuller at Everything Lettings."    Crowe Property Agency

“We have been using Everything Lettings for some years and have continued to do so due to their efficient emergency services outside of our usual business hours. Roy and his staff are great!”    Chase Evans

“It’s not just the excellent service and professional maintenance advice and cover provided by Roy and his team at Everything Lettings Emergency Cover to our tenants that is so good, it’s the knowledge that when we enter the office in the morning we won’t be greeted by frustrated and angry tenants upset that they have been left throughout the night, or weekend, with no assistance to a major maintenance problem. 

Manlets have benefited from having Everything Lettings provide their Emergency Cover for our tenants and Landlords for over 2 years and it is one of the best, and most practical, decisions we have ever made”     Manlets

"We have been using everything lettings for some time now, I have always found the team to be proactive and very helpful. Our tenants have always mentioned the speedy response and very polite service they have received when calling in with an emergency maintenance issue."     Martyn Gerrard

I’ve had great feedback from the team. Thank you for taking care of things over the Christmas period. (Christmas Holidays 2017)   Joy, Marston Properties

"Just to let you know that our MD Caroline said how happy she is with your service and the knowledge of your team in dealing with the situations that come up."   Joy, Marston Properties

"Thanks Roy, the tenant also called yesterday to pass his thanks for the quick response from the engineer."   Ryan Green, Howes Property Services

"I was very happy with the engineer who attended as he was friendly, helpful and punctual."    Tenant, Multi-Let Limited Properties

"I was happy with every aspect of the visit. The engineer was very good and managed to fix the boiler leak, he was punctual and left everything tidy."    Tenant, No Agent Properties

"The whole process was brilliant. The engineer attended very quickly, he was very friendly, fixed the boiler issue promptly and left the area tidy. I'm very happy."    Tenant, Adrians Properties

"The entire call out was fantastic and completely faultless, I was so happy with the thorough communication and the quick action taken to book a locksmith in. The out of hours team and the contractor were easily contactable and very friendly."    Tenant, Red Key Property Services 

"I highly praise the whole experience with the call out team. I felt the ordeal of the break in was very traumatic and both the office and engineer were very kind and reassuring to me, which I feel extremely grateful for. The engineer attended very quickly and left everything working well."     Tenant, Marston Properties

"I was happy with the how quick the engineer attended on both occasions, and I'm also happy that a replacement boiler has been organised."    Tenant, No Agent Properties

"I was extremely happy from beginning to end. The call handler was very informative and went through a diagnosis in quite a bit of detail. An engineer was then needed, but he arrived very quickly and fixed the boiler problem, with no further issues since. The service was great."    Tenant, Multi-Let Limited Properties

"The job was done very quickly, the engineer came out and fixed the leak well with no problems since then, he left the area clean and tidy and we were very happy. Everything Lettings were very informative with eta's, etc."    Tenant, Chase Evans Properties

"Everything Lettings helped talk me through the technical help to get the boiler back up and running, and it has been working ever since."    Tenant, Adrians Properties

"The engineer arrived when he said he would and carried out the work really well, we haven't had any problems since."   Tenant, LME Move

"I'm very happy with the work carried out and how quickly it was completed. There have been no further leaks since, the engineer was very thorough."  Tenant, Howes Property Solutions

"The engineer came out within the hour and fixed the leak, Everything Lettings were very informative and gave thorough details."    Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties

"I was very happy with the reaction time of the engineer."    Tenant, No Agent Properties

"Our oven was fixed and it has been working well ever since, the engineer left everything tidy and in order."    Tenant, No Agent Properties

"I was given lots of instructions to get my heating back up and running, I now have heating back on and everything is working."    Tenant, No Agent Properties

"I was happy with the phone call assistance throughout and very happy with the engineers work. Everything has been left well and I'm happy with the finish."   Tenant, Martyn Gerrard Properties



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